Trade Resources Company News Converting Equipment Allows for Quicker Changeovers

Converting Equipment Allows for Quicker Changeovers

Paper and materials converter, Resource One International plans to purchase two custom-built case packers and lidders to further expand its converting services.

According to the US-based company, the new case packer and lidder, with speeds up to 60 reams per minute, handles 8.5"x11" pony pack cartons through the 14.33"x 20.5" sizes.

Resource One president Tom Sonntag said that the converting equipment allows for quicker changeovers and a wider range of carton sizes to cater to the digital market.

"Our customers have relied upon us to make continued equipment design advancements to help keep the converting quality and costs in line with market expectations," Sonntag said.

Resource One's capabilities include cut-size/digital sheeting, precision folio sheeting, precision guillotine trimming and paper finishing/packaging, paper distribution and warehousing, and custom services.

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Resource One to Buy Case Packers, Lidders