Trade Resources Company News Whirlpool,Participated in Milan Design Week 2014 with Two Exclusive Events

Whirlpool,Participated in Milan Design Week 2014 with Two Exclusive Events

Whirlpool Showcased New Innovations at Milan Design Week 2014

Whirlpool, manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, participated in Milan Design Week 2014 with two exclusive events: an innovative stand at the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition within the broader context of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano (Milan Furniture Fair), and an exhibition at the Arsenale (Opificio 31) – the workshop space at via Tortona 31 – as part of the Fuorisalone citywide circuit of events that accompany the Salone del Mobile.

Whirlpool has recently commissioned a study on European lifestyles and consumption, which it presented to the world press on 7 April, at the Fuorisalone. Its analysis shines a light on a virtual universe of social, cultural, symbolic and aesthetic aspects that affect the home environment, and reveals how these aspects are expressed and the evolving trends that result from it.

Within this study, six lifestyles were investigated – the Inspired-by-me Life, the Nomadic life, the Shared life, the Tetris Life, the Conscious Life and the Seamless Life. While each of these lifestyles encompasses diverse needs, all of them can be traced back to one, which none of us can do without: connectivity, that direct, invisible line that constantly keeps people and objects in touch, with themselves and with each other.

The idea of using connectivity to simplify daily life at home inspired Whirlpool to create the 6TH SENSE Live Technology, presented through the live demonstrations at Milan Design Week. 6TH SENSE Live Technology will allow consumers to remotely interact with their own appliances, increasing the value of the smart devices they already have, while improving the usability of the appliances themselves by making them more intuitive.

6TH SENSE Live Technology became a reality at the Whirlpool FuoriSalone exhibition space, where it puts the free-standing washer, dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher in touch, enhancing the value of smart devices and providing a platform for them to communicate amongst themselves for the greatest synergy.

6TH SENSE Live Technology? took the stage at Eurocucina, where a live demonstration showed how it makes the range of built-in appliances – including Whirlpool cooking products – even easier to use and more suitable to consumer needs.

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Whirlpool Showcased New Innovations at Milan Design Week 2014
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