Trade Resources Company News Cerealto Acquires Italian Pasta Maker Pastificio Mediterranea

Cerealto Acquires Italian Pasta Maker Pastificio Mediterranea

Spain-based food company Cerealto has closed the acquisition of Italian pasta maker Pastificio Mediterranea for an undisclosed price.

The acquisition, which was completed following an approval from Concordato de Alessandria, also includes Pastificio Mediterranea’s pasta factory located in Silvano D’Orba in the Italian province of Alessandria.

Cerealto has also purchased the machinery and production lines of Pastificio Mediterranea under the deal.

Under a lease agreement, the Spanish company had been operating Pastificio Mediterranea since 2013 and had recently exercised its option to purchase the pasta maker.

Cerealto stated: “This event fits in with Cerealto’s strategy of international expansion in southern Europe, which was supported by the recent purchases of the bread factory in Antequeta (Málaga, Spain), the pastries factory in Briviesca (Burgos, Spain) and the biscuits factory in Mem Martins (Sintra, Portugal).”

Under the acquisition terms, the Spanish multinational company will retain all the 63 co-workers at the factory besides ensuring the same working conditions and honour their existing length of service.

In compliance with its sustainability policy, Cerealto will give preference to Pastificio Mediterranea’s local suppliers.

The Silvano D’Orba factory currently manufactures around 70 varieties of pastas like organic and wholemeal. The pastas are all prepared from different kinds of Italian semolina and also by using ingredients like kamut, spelt and chickpeas.

Cerealto also stated that there will be no change in its manufacturing plans for clients’ brands and also in the distribution of its own brands Moccagatta and Pastificio Mediterranea.

The Spanish company currently supplies Italian-made pasta to its customers primarily in Italy, France, Austria, Mexico, the US along with certain countries in Asia and Africa.

In May, Cerealto had agreed to acquire two factories from Spain-based Grupo Siro to expand its business further in Southern Europe. While one factory produces sliced bread, the other one produces pastries.

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