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World Premiere of Lexus UX Concept

Lexus' vision for a compact SUV of the future Powerful, 'inside-out' concept creates strong synergy of exterior and interior design Innovative, 3-D Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology offers a uniquely immersive driver experience Featuring a first design interpretation of Lexus' breakthrough Kinetic Seat Concept Designed by ED2, Lexus' European design centre

A new Lexus compact crossover concept vehicle, the UX Concept, makes its world debut at the 2016 Paris motor show, showcasing Lexus' vision for a compact SUV of the future. Designed by ED2, Lexus' design centre in the South of France, the UX Concept represents a new step in the company's design journey and a redefinition of the driving experience.

"The biggest challenge for any designer is always to create something new and original, yet with relevance to both the customer and the brand. Overall, this is a product which gives another hint of the potential for Lexus' design approach to satisfy those criteria. The expression of a progressive, strong yet artistic & premium product which further enhances Lexus' unique and challenging brand position."

Simon Humphries, President of ED2

A powerful reinterpretation of the Lexus design signatures, the UX Concept reflects the brand's determination that each of its models should have a unique, stand-alone character with a strong concept behind it; here represented by the powerful, inside out design concept and deconstructed interior styling.

This bold design embodies imaginative, forward-thinking technologies to provide occupants with a fully immersive experience. This sensation is generated through cockpit ergonomics which flow from the driver's body, and innovative three-dimensional HMI technology.

The vehicle also features a first design execution of a breakthrough seat technology, the Kinetic Seat Concept, designed by Lexus in response to a re-evaluation of the principles of car seat occupancy.

The Lexus UX Concept is rooted in Lexus' unparalleled expertise in the SUV market. Lexus pioneered the SUV world in the 1990's with the RX and the LX, combining off-road capacity with premium luxury for the first time in the industry. In 2004, the RX hybrid was the first premium hybrid SUV on the market. In 2014, the NX mid-size SUV already demonstrated that 'Utility' can be combined with a unique, striking design personality.

The compact SUV premium segment is Europe's fastest growing automotive segment. With young customers upgrading in the quest for distinctive styling, a versatile interior and an engaging driving experience, and with premium customers looking to downsize without compromising on comfort, driving position and space, it is destined to become the leading SUV segment.

The UX Concept highlights Lexus' intention to attract an ever-wider group of new, younger, ever-connected urban customers -'Urbanites'- to the brand for the first time.

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