Trade Resources Company News Extra Virgin Foods Launches New Greek Yogurt Product in US

Extra Virgin Foods Launches New Greek Yogurt Product in US

Extra Virgin Foods, a manufacturer and imported of Greek foods, has launched a new Greek Yogurt product in the US, branded as Olympiana Tsantila Imported Greek Yogurt.

The first and only Greek yogurt ever sold in America was launched at the IDDBA (International Dairy Deli Bakery Association) show in New Orleans on 10 June.

Unlike all the other "Greek" yogurts sold in America, Olympiana is actually produced in Greece and shipped weekly to the USA. It is made in a Tsantila, which means cheesecloth in Greece, which is the original manufacturing method for Greek yogurt.

It is strained for 40 hours by hand and only features two ingredients: grass-fed fresh milk and live and active yogurt cultures.

This traditional process not only tastes delicious, but it results in 20 grams of protein per serving. Olympiana Tsantila Imported Greek yogurt features the highest naturally occurring (not added) protein content of any yogurt sold in America.

Extra Virgin Foods president Pavlos Hatziiliades said: "It is a little-known secret of the industry that none of the eight billion dollars a year of Greek yogurt sold in America is actually real Greek yogurt.

"Greek yogurt has been hijacked by large agribusiness, and what has been sold to the American consumer has nothing to do with real Greek yogurt, which is supposed to be strained in a cheesecloth and made with fresh Greek grass-fed milk without any additives."

In keeping with the simple, handmade nature of the product, only plain whole milk and plain 0% nonfat will be available.

"Consumers don't need some company telling them what fruits to add to their yogurt, with a ton of sugar and additives. Greek yogurt can be a savory recipe ingredient, made into a spread, enjoyed with breakfast, with honey, fruit, goji berries, the possibilities are endless.

"Our product is handmade, we can only make a certain amount per week, this will never change and we will never try to compete with the big brands. Our goal is to show Americans what real Greek yogurt is all about and hopefully, they try other authentic Greek foods also."

Olympiana Tsantila Imported Greek Yogurt will at first only be available at Demoula's Market Basket Supermarkets and Hannaford Supermarkets in New England. The company plans to expand with limited distribution nationally.

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