Trade Resources Company News Baldor Specialty Foods Diverts Organic Waste From Landfills

Baldor Specialty Foods Diverts Organic Waste From Landfills

New York-based produce processor and distributor Baldor Specialty Foods has diverted all organic waste generated in its fresh-cut plant from landfill, as part of its SparCs food-waste initiative.

SparCs is a waste-prevention strategy developed by Baldor’s sustainability director, Thomas McQuillan. The company processes more than one million pounds of produce each week, leading to a multi-faceted approach to re-use organic food waste by prioritizing human consumption.

Baldor claims that this program has given rise to partnerships with companies such as MISFIT Juicery, which recovers unsellable, blemished and “ugly produce” to be used in cold-pressed juices. Baldor is sending food trim to MISFIT to be made into juices.

Apart from this, Haven’s Kitchen, a cafe and cooking school-based in Manhattan, New York, has developed a food line made up of Baldor’s SparCs such as soups, sauces and cookies.

For other produce items that are unfit for human consumption including cantaloupe rinds and mango pits, McQuillan worked with many different partners to develop them into animal feed.

Remaining organic material which is not suite for both human and animal consumption is processed in an onsite waste-to-water system. The company claims that this will be processed in an on-site waste-to-water system.

Baldor also claim that it has successfully diverted 100% of its excess food from reaching a landfill.

Baldor’s CEO, TJ Murphy said: “We pride ourselves on being innovators and trail blazers in all facets of specialty food distribution.

“SparCs is just the next logical manifestation of that commitment, and we’re happy to present this sustainability model for others in the industry to adopt.”

The company also claims that in the new year, 2017, it will continue to develop new ways to keep organic matter from its waste stream.

For this, it is in the development of creating vegetable blend that can offer a nutrient-dense boost to soups, smoothies and baked goods.

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