Trade Resources Company News Bormioli Develops New Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Market

Bormioli Develops New Packaging Solutions for Pharmaceutical Market

Glass and plastic manufacturer Bormioli Rocco Pharma has developed advanced packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical market.

The new packaging solutions include AccuRec, Delta type I glass vials, Safe&Easy, Nesat and Amber type I glass vials.

AccuRec is a dual-chamber packaging that allows end-users to reconstitute oral drugs in a few steps. It helps in effective mixing of pre-dosed diluent and drug powder.

Delta type I glass vials have been developed to limit the damage or breakage during the lyophilization process.

Most of the new parenterals such as anti-infectives biotechnology derived products, and in vitro diagnostics are manufactured as lyophilized products.

Safe&Easy, which is a packaging kit for pediatric oral drugs, will help to avoid plug ingestion and offer precise syrup dosing.

Nesat is a dry powder inhaler designed for inhalable vaccines and drugs. It can be adapted as per the specific formulation needs.

Amber type I glass vials are developed for protein-based drug market. The glass vials are said to offer better protection from both chemical and environmental aggressions

Bormioli produces integrated glass and plastic containers, closures and accessories for packaging applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical market.

Bormioli Rocco Pharma business development and marketing manager Elena Piazza said: “Detecting unmet market need is the first step for the development of packaging solutions at Bormioli Rocco Pharma.

“From there, in active synergy with our pharmaceutical partners, we work intensively on specific project requirements, collaborating at every phase, to effectively integrate packaging and drug product to achieve our most important objective – improving people’s lives worldwide.”

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