Trade Resources Company News Cornelius Joins Hand with Milne Fruits to Supply MicroDried Fruit to Europe

Cornelius Joins Hand with Milne Fruits to Supply MicroDried Fruit to Europe

Food ingredients distributor Cornelius Group and US-based company Milne Fruits have entered into partnership to supply MicroDried fruit products to the European food and drink industry.

Milne Fruits uses the MicroDried technique in which vacuum microwave dehydration technology is used to heat each piece of raw fruit. This natural process uses no artificial ingredients sugars, flavourings, colours or preservatives, while trying to retain the organic appeal of the fruit.

Cornelius Group dairy, desserts and beverages sales manager Rachel Fordham said: "MicroDried ingredients offer more consumer appeal than most other commercial dried products. They also retain more vital nutrients than other commercial dehydrated and dried fruit solutions."

MicroDried fruit can be used for breakfast cereal, baked goods, snack chips, smoothies, spreads and juices. They can be packed as a snack or used as an ingredient or a healthy additive to food products which cater to the health-conscious consumers.

According to the company, MicroDried products smell and taste more like fresh fruits. They can be whole, or fragmented, thereby offering variety even in terms of texture ranging from crunchy to chewy.

Rachel Fordham said: "MicoDried fruit products are unique in that they deliver real fruit colour, flavour and enhanced nutritional performance to consumers. Our partner Milne is also working on powdered fruit which can be used as a natural colourant. The demand for powdered fruits is growing particularly within the sports nutrition sector as a low GI carbohydrate source.

"Cornelius is delighted to bring this range of MicroDried fruit to the European market and our partnership with Milne will strengthen relationships with new and existing customers for both companies. We look forward to assisting Milne in building their business whilst enhancing the reputation of Cornelius within the food and beverage sector."

MicroDried fruit products were launched in 2012 and comprise of strawberry, berry mix, peach, apricot and cranberry. The range's new flavours include aronia berry, blueberry, mango, pineapple and sweet potato.

Cornelius manufactures and distributes branded and own brand specialty raw materials and ingredients to the health and nutrition, industrial and care products industries.

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