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Opel Unveils New Vehicles Under Its Light Commercial Vehicle Range

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Opel has unveiled new vehicles under its light commercial vehicle range, the new Vivaro and the Opel Movano at The Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham.

The new Opel Vivaro is more practical, more efficient and more appealing than ever before. The second generation combines the functionality of a light commercial vehicle and the benefits of an office on wheels with the comfort and design appeal of a passenger car. It has everything it takes to succeed: its diverse variants are now longer, enabling increased load capacity and more generous interior space. Its cabin features state-of-the-art IntelliLink infotainment technology with user-friendly navigation, as well as equipment details which quickly and easily transform it into a mobile office. The new Vivaro is also extremely economical: under its hood are all-new turbo diesel engines which offer reduced fuel consumption as low as 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers, with CO2 emissions down to 149 g/km - best-in-class values that also impact favorably on owners' wallets.

The Vivaro is the most important sure-fire success in the Opel commercial vehicle portfolio and part of the major DRIVE! 2022 growth strategy. So to launch the new Vivaro, Opel invested 95 million euros in the British Luton plant and has restructured the commercial vehicle organization. The new Head of Opel Light Commercial Vehicles is Steffen Raschig. He is as familiar with the advantages of the new Vivaro as he is with the powerful engines in the Movano. Because the Movano now also features state-of-the-art BiTurbo diesel technology which significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions values - and thus operating costs. Like the Vivaro, the Movano is also improved in terms of safety. This includes, for example, ESC fitted as standard, together with a range of driving aids and the blind-spot mirror in the passenger sun visor for greater all-round visibility.

"The Movano boasts fuel consumption reduced by up to 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers coupled with more power, making it more economical, more powerful and more environmentally friendly than ever before," says Steffen Raschig."In addition, it has a range of safety and comfort features which have previously only been available, if at all, as optional extras. The Movano presented today, which can be ordered as of June, makes the most of these virtues and now offers better value than ever before."

Top engines: BiTurbo diesels with up to 120 kW/163 hp reduce consumption

The new Movano engine portfolio now comprises five turbo diesels, including two state-of-the-art 2.3-liter BiTurbo units which are completely new. Featuring twin turbochargers, they combine excellent performance with exceptional fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. The BiTurbo with 100 kW/136 hp and 340 Nm torque lowers emissions by up to eight percent (15 grams) to 180 grams CO2 per kilometer thanks to Start/Stop technology fitted as standard. The top BiTurbo variant, with 120 kW/163 hp and 360 Nm of torque, raises the Movano's output by 13 hp and gives it 10 Nm more torque than it's ever had before. With Start/Stop as standard, it also enables a massive 39 grams per 100 kilometer reduction in CO2 emissions. This is a reduction of 1.5 liters diesel per 100 kilometers, or 18 percent - values that impact favorably on owners' wallets as well as the environment.

The entry-level Movano is fitted with the 2.3-liter turbo diesel which now produces 81 kW/110 hp, an increase of 10 hp. Just like the other 2.3 CDTI variant with 92 kW/125 hp, it maintains current fuel consumption and emission levels while offering immensely improved driving performance. The 125 hp Movano is now around 3.5 seconds faster when accelerating from 80 to 120 km/h in sixth gear. And with the 110 hp entry-level unit, it is an impressive five seconds faster. The use of a shorter sixth gear ratio also contributes to these improvements.

While the extra-long, L4 Movano panel van has only been available with dual wheels on the rear axle, it is now also offered with single wheels in various roof heights. Single wheels provide a number of advantages. The loading area between the rear wheel arches is 300 millimeters wider, making the transport of bulky loads even easier. The vehicle is also lighter and thus consumes less fuel. In addition, overall operating costs are reduced as there are fewer tires to be changed or replaced. Another plus for the new Movano is that service intervals are extended to two years.

Standard safety: Top technologies and best all-round visibility

While offering excellent economy, safety is as important in the Opel Movano as it is in the new Vivaro. The enhanced version now also has newest generation Electronic Stability Control (ESC) fitted as standard - and thus a range of technologies which support the driver and make traveling in the Movano even safer. These include Hill Start Assist which maintains the brake function for about two seconds after the driver has taken his/her foot off the brake pedal, thus preventing rollback when starting on a slope. The Trailer Stability Program measures the yaw motions of a trailer when towing and if these reach a critical level, the system automatically brakes the relevant wheels on the Movano in order to stabilize the hitch and avoid a possible accident. Improved traction control also provides better grip, even on unpaved roads, and thus prevents wheelspin.

Inside the Movano, a completely new, large convex mirror in the passenger sun visor improves all-round visibility. It can be tilted to a position which enables the driver to also see the blind spot area on the right side of the vehicle so that any approaching hazards can be spotted in good time. Movano drivers also enjoy enhanced comfort when using the cabin as a mobile workplace with the infotainment systems CD 16 BT USB, with Bluetooth and double USB connectivity as standard, and the CD 16 BT USB DAB with digital radio reception (Digital Audio Broadcast).

The Opel Movano with new engines as well as additional safety and infotainment features will be on the market in Germany in late summer 2014.

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