Trade Resources Company News Dupont to Present Clean Label Ingredients and Shelf Life Extension Solutions at IBIE, Las Vegas

Dupont to Present Clean Label Ingredients and Shelf Life Extension Solutions at IBIE, Las Vegas

At the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), Oct. 8-11, in Las Vegas, DuPont Nutrition & Health will showcase the depth and breadth of its bakery ingredient portfolio, focusing on clean label ingredient strategies, shelf life extension and non-PHO solutions.

Among those products will be the DuPont Danisco non-GMO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified, sustainable emulsifiers from a Mass Balance or segregated source, including non-GMO sunflower, non-GMO rapeseed and GMO canola.

This line of emulsifiers was recognized as an IBIE 2016 Best in Baking qualifier as a sustainable ingredient that fosters energy and water conservation.

“Demand for clean labeling is greatly influencing bakery product development today,” said Janelle Crawford, strategic marketing lead, Bakery. “There’s a growing awareness and interest in cleaner food and cleaner eating from consumers; yet at the same time, consumers are not willing to sacrifice taste or value.”

DuPont consumer research exploring clean label attitudes found nearly half of consumers agreeing that “contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients” was a “very important” consideration when deciding what brands to purchase.

In the same survey, “ingredient lists contain only recognizable ingredients” was “very important” to 46 percent of the sample. Comparatively, taste was a “very important consideration” for a significantly higher portion of the sample.

“Retrofitting an ingredient statement on a product to tackle clean label concerns can be challenging, and altering a well-established product may not be the route to take when looking to market a clean label product,” Crawford said. “Having a strategic, prioritized approach to address clean label concerns, while maintaining quality and taste throughout product shelf life is critical.”

Over the four-day event, DuPont bakery application specialists will tempt expo attendees with a series of made-to-order, gourmet items prepared on a raclette maker and paired with an appropriate beverage. The sweet and savory samples will illustrate the versatility of bakery items within dayparts.

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