Trade Resources Company News Foton OLLIN Boosts Suzhou Express and Cold Chain Logistic

Foton OLLIN Boosts Suzhou Express and Cold Chain Logistic

Since the first purchase in 2013, Suzhou Urban Freight Company has purchased more than 400 units of Foton OLLIN and they decided to make focus on OLLIN that take over 80% of the annual purchase. Another city cold chain distribution company, Guangming Logistic Company also chose OLLIN. They regarded OLLIN as the only cold chain trucks purchased brand and has purchased over 40 cold chain trucks in three years. Why these two Suzhou companies all chose OLLIN light truck?

Compared with the other brands, the cargo space of OLLIN is bigger, the cargo volume of 4.2-meter OLLIN can reach 21 cubic meters. In this way, the truck can bear more goods and is especially more applicable to express and moving house business. In addition to moving house business, The Urban Freight Company also contracted a lot of courier trunk logistics business Including the SF express outsourcing business, these businesses need more volume of the train.

From the statistical data, daily average mileage of each OLLIN is 300 kilometers in the company, totally 100 thousand kilometers in a year. Up to now, the trucks have been used for 3 years, and the intact rate of the trucks and the vehicle attendance is very high.

The requirement of cold chain transportation is very high. Guangming Logistic needs strictly control the temperature between 0-5 degrees when they distribute Bright Milk to Auchan, Carrefour and other large supermarket. Before each unloading, the receiving party must carry out strict temperature measurement, as long as the temperature is not within the provisions, the whole truck milk are scrapped, and this responsibility should to be shouldered by the transportation side.

One reason for choosing OLLIN is the standard configuration of Cummins Engine. It is understood that OLLIN CTX2.8L uses ISF2.8L Cummins engine, the maximum power can reach 120kw and the maximum torque can reach 360 N.m. Compared with ordinary goods, refrigerated items are heavier, but the cargo capacity of OLLIN is very good, especially in high speed and heavy load, the power is still very strong.

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