Trade Resources Company News Ford Mustang GT Use BorgWarner's Engine Timing Technologies

Ford Mustang GT Use BorgWarner's Engine Timing Technologies

BorgWarner has announced that its advanced engine timing technologies including its newly inverted tooth silent timing chains and cam torque actuated (CTA) phasers are being used in Ford Mustang GT.

According to BorgWarner, its CTA phasers, which feature mid-position lock technology, provide greater control of valve timing on several engine speeds, and with the silent timing chain, friction is reduced.

According to BorgWarner, CTA phasers use the existing torsional energy and consume less oil.

BorgWarner president and general manager Joe Fadool said: "BorgWarner has supplied Ford with our advanced timing technology since the debut of the model year 2011 engine. For the upgraded 435 HP V8 engine for the 2015 Ford Mustang, we worked closely with Ford to develop new VCT and timing chain solutions to meet their challenging specifications.

"At BorgWarner, we understand the complex interactions between engine timing components. From concept to launch and beyond, we collaborate with engine designers and manufacturers to tune and optimize integrated systems for specific applications."



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BorgWarner's Engine Timing Technologies Used in Ford Mustang GT
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