Trade Resources Company News General Mills Unveils High-Protein, Low Sugar Yogurt

General Mills Unveils High-Protein, Low Sugar Yogurt

General Mills is set to launch YQ by Yoplait, a new high-protein and less-sweetened yogurt range made with ultra-filtered milk, later this month in the US.

The new yogurt range is gluten-free, 99% lactose free and doesn’t use any artificial preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors, said the US food giant.

The company said that YQ by Yoplait Plain, one of the eight flavors in the new yogurt range, has 1-gram-sugar-per-serving option, while packing 17gm of protein in each 5.3oz. serving.

On the other hand, the remaining seven flavored varieties of YQ by Yoplait, such as strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, lime, mango, peach and coconut are packed with 9gm of sugar. This is 40% less than the leading Greek low-fat yogurt, claimed General Mills.

The company said that the flavored YQ by Yoplait are lightly sweetened using appropriate amount of cane sugar, real fruit and natural flavors.

To be available across major grocery and retail stores throughout the country, YQ by Yoplait will cost $1.49 for 5.3oz. cups and $4.99 for 26oz. tubs.

General Mills said that ultra-filtering of milk involves removing most of the lactose in the milk while concentrating on retaining the protein content in it. The ultra-filtered milk is then blended with active cultures and processed using a churning technique to create a differential nutritional profile that is free from the tart tang or chalky aftertaste of Greek-style yogurts.

Yoplait USA marketing vice president Doug Martin said: "We talked to thousands of people to really understand what they were missing from the yogurt aisle. We heard loud and clear the need for a smart snack option – something made with simple ingredients, less sugar and higher protein.

"What we've been able to accomplish with YQ by Yoplait delivers on this desire. Through our use of simple ingredients, ultra-filtered milk and active cultures, we've created a protein-packed, less sweet flavor profile with a thick, smooth, extra creamy texture."

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