Trade Resources Company News Flexcon Introduced a New PVDC-Coated Film to Address Demand for Resealable Food Packaging

Flexcon Introduced a New PVDC-Coated Film to Address Demand for Resealable Food Packaging

FLEXcon has introduced a new PVDC-coated film, known as optiFLEX RESEAL BARRIER Clear, to address the growing demand for resealable food packaging.

The new offering, which will serve as a barrier against moisture to maintain food freshness and the moistness of wet wipe products, provides packaging materials for food industry to enhance shelf life by controlling moisture to maintain food freshness.

The product has been specially designed for resealable packaging to retain moisture and prevent drying of produce, meats, cheeses and wet wipes, or to keep moisture out to prevent staling of nuts and other snack foods.

FLEXcon Product Identification market development specialist Michelle Lamontagne said: "As the use of resealable packaging continues to increase, there is a growing need in the food market for packaging materials that enhance shelf life by maintaining food freshness.

"The barrier properties of the PVDC-coated polypropylene provide moisture control ideal for these purposes, and this product serves as an example of our continued effort to meet the unique needs of the food packaging market."

The film also complies with 21 CFR 175.320 and 21 CFR 177.1520 for food contact, while the adhesive is compliant with 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact.It is suitable for maintaining the "no-label' look on printed flexible packaging material.

optiFLEX RESEAL BARRIER Clear also utilises a 2 mil clear PVDC-coated flexible BOPP film with a resealable adhesive and TRACrite 120 polyester release liner which claims to offer on-press performance for tight-registration graphics.

The print-receptive surface of the film is compatible with flexo, rotary screen, rotary letterpress and hotstamping, and also allows for optimum ink laydown.

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Flexcon Unveils New Pvdc-Coated Film for Resealable Food Packaging