Trade Resources Company News RoOK Stars Begins Exporting ABK Beer in Kegs

RoOK Stars Begins Exporting ABK Beer in Kegs

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ROK Stars' ROK Drinks division has started exporting ABK Edel Beer in one-way kegs for the first time and has added Schwarz (black) beer (Pint Bottles) to its roster of beers.

Jonathan Kendrick said: "Until now we have only exported our award-winning beers in bottles from our 700 year old brewery, which is great for retail, but not all bars and clubs want bottled beers for their customers.

"Being able to offer our beer in recyclable 30 litre kegs gives us the opportunity to sell our beer into more venues than before as a draft beer."

Kendrick said: "Also, as a result of customer interest and demand, we have begun exporting our Schwarz Beer into the US which we are very excited about."

ROK Stars PLC was co-founded by John Paul DeJoria, known as 'America's favorite entrepreneur,' and Jonathan Kendrick.

John Paul DeJoria is best known as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell, the largest privately held hair care business in North America, as well as being co-founder of Patron tequila, the world's Number 1 premium tequila brand.

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