Trade Resources Company News Evergreen Chose eSight Energy Management Software to Examine Energy Usage

Evergreen Chose eSight Energy Management Software to Examine Energy Usage

To assist with both their internal sustainability goals and the outside requirements placed on the college; Evergreen chose eSight energy management software to examine energy usage across the campus portfolio, in order to identify areas for savings. 

Richard Davis, Facilities Engineer at The Evergreen State College said, "Evergreen had previously been using Excel to manage the campus' energy records, but we decided to increase our visibility into our consumption by selecting eSight to aggregate the data into a single, central database. eSight offers usable tools that make monitoring energy consumption user-friendly and flexible across our campus. eSight's ENERGY STAR integration made this a clear choice over other software, since we are required to use the EPA's Portfolio Manager by the state of Washington."

Evergreen is able to directly integrate their existing Portfolio Manager Account with eSight to obtain Energy Performance Scores, benchmark buildings, and apply comparative analytics, via eSight's ENERGY STAR Module. In addition to financial and energy analysis techniques, Evergreen chose the Tenant Billing Module to calculate tenant's charges based on actual usage or apportionment groups. With the help of eSight, The Evergreen State College will use the energy cost savings achieved to continue their commitment towards sustainability and to meet Washington regulations. 

About The Evergreen State College

Evergreen is a progressive, public liberal arts and sciences college located in Olympia, Washington. Since opening their doors in 1971, Evergreen has established a national reputation for leadership in developing innovative interdisciplinary, collaborative and team-taught academic programs. Evergreen has been a leader in environmental education from the beginning, and is now stepping up their commitment to sustainability to reach beyond the classroom and even the campus. Evergreen values a student-centered learning environment, a link between theory and practice, and a multicultural community of diverse faculty, students and staff working together. 

About eSight Energy

eSight Energy provides energy management solutions for use across any type of building or process. With installations across the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia, solutions are provided through a network of resellers and systems integrators. Products from eSight Energy allow organizations to cut energy consumption reduce costs and lower carbon emissions.

eSight is an enterprise wide solution for managing energy across both large single site organizations and multi site organizations often with a global reach. eSight integrates diverse systems regardless of manufacturer into a single solution allowing energy management to be easily managed over the Internet using a standard web browser. eSight is a multi lingual application allowing easy deployment across multinational companies.

eSight EssentialTM is an entry level solution allowing smaller buildings to have to have access to cutting edge energy management software. eSight EssentialTM is intuitive, easy to install and integrates easily with building management systems or other metering data.

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The Evergreen State College Selects Esight to Meet Energy Initiative Requirements