Trade Resources Company News Audi Customers Can Experience The Thrill of The New Third-Generation Tts in Its Full Glory

Audi Customers Can Experience The Thrill of The New Third-Generation Tts in Its Full Glory

Audi TT S Coupé customers in the UK can now test drive the car using Samsung Gear VR headset powered by Oculus technology without entering into the vehicle, as part of a partnership with Samsung.

As part of the deal, the South Korean company will deliver Samsung Gear VR headsets to 115 Audi Centres in the UK to take TT S Coupé in test drive as well take the car around the track using virtual reality technology.

Samsung Gear VR headset along with Samsung Level Over headphones will offer virtual reality experience of a test drive of TT S Coupé and the TT Roadster, which will be launched in spring 2015.

TT designer Juergen Lffler will act as role of virtual guide to explain the design new TT S Coupé and take customers on a lap of the Neuberg Audi race track in Germany.

Audi UK head of marketing Nick Ratcliffe said: "This ground-breaking initiative adds a touch of theatre to automotive retail, allowing Audi customers to experience the thrill of the new third-generation TTS in its full glory."

"We will become the first automotive manufacturer to install virtual reality in every one of our UK sales outlets. It is yet another example of the Audi 'Vorsprung durch Technik' philosophy in action."

Samsung UK & Ireland Marketing, IT & Mobile Division director Ines van Gennip, "It offers people a totally new way of using mobile technology to interact with a brand, and in this case have an immersive experience with the new Audi TTS.

"The effect is the equivalent of being sat in the passenger's seat of the car, meaning Audi customers don't have to imagine driving the TTS - with the Gear VR that experience becomes much more real."

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Audi to Use Samsung Gear VR to Offer Virtual Test Drive in UK
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