Trade Resources Company News Tomra Launched The New Falcon Sorter for Baby Leaf Lettuce and Spinach Industry

Tomra Launched The New Falcon Sorter for Baby Leaf Lettuce and Spinach Industry

Norwegian firm Tomra has launched the new Falcon sorter for baby leaf lettuce and spinach industry.

The pre-sorting machine uses optical technology, which will enable quick detection of defects and its removal at the initial stage of food processing, i.e. post harvest.

It can thereby ensure that in the later stages of processing, other sorters and equipment can operate at higher efficiency rates and offer an improved final product.

Equipped with high resolution cameras and LED lighting, it can help in detection of the product's structural defects and analyse its chlorophyll level. The machine has the ability to spot extensive range of contaminants like droppings, rodents, bugs, plastic, wood, soil clumps and stones etc., reports Packaging Europe.

It has a infeed shaker which enables the product to be spread evenly on a high speed acceleration infeed belt, to be forwarded for thorough inspection.

The machine also offers the advantage of cleaning, sanitation and easy maintenance as it comes in an open design.

The pre-sorter also integrates a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) and Set & Sort software, which facilitates auto-monitoring and offers quality control and production feedback efficiently.

Tomra's PAX system also allows remote access to the machine settings for the customers and service engineers.

Tomra Sorting Solutions product manager Roel Molenaers was quoted by Packaging Europe as saying: "The Falcon answers an important requirement in the baby leaf salad and spinach market.

"It combines high capacity, ease of use and low maintenance to offer low cost of ownership while helping producers maximise product quality and production efficiencies."

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Tomra Launches New Pre-Sorting Equipment for Baby Leaf Lettuce and Spinach Industry