Trade Resources Company News Toyota Concept-I to Debuted at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Toyota Concept-I to Debuted at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Japanese automaker Toyota will be showcasing its new Concept-i series at Tokyo Motor Show 2017, which will be held from 25 October through 5 November.

The Concept-i series includes two vehicles, the Concept-i and Concept-i RIDE. These two cars use artificial intelligence. Both these vehicles are electric.

While the Concept-i is a four-seater car with a range of about 300km, the Concept-i RIDE is a two-seater, specifically designed to be comfortable for people using wheelchairs and it has a range between 100 and 150km.

Toyota says that the core technology at its Concept-i is that the AI can recognise emotions of the driver and estimate the driver’s preferences.

The AI in the Concept-i can also monitor the mood and alertness of the driver and can switch from manual driving to automated driving. The AI can also suggest the driver alternate routes, while making striking a conversation.

Further, it can stimulate the five senses of the driver including vision, touch and smell depending on the driver’s emotions and fatigue.

The interior of the Concept-i is claimed to be futuristic design with the instrument panel being at the centre and offering the driver a 3D head-up display.

Toyota says that it plans to launch the Concept-i vehicle by 2020 and conduct road test for the vehicle.

The second vehicle which will be showcased is Concept-i RIDE. This is a small two-seater vehicle, with emphasis on user-friendly city mobility. The new concept has gull-wing door design, an electric sliding seat, a joystick and user-friendly operations for wheelchair users.

The company claims that the seat layout and automated driving functions make it possible to drive safely and securely in the Concept-i RIDE.

By adding a joystick, all the controls such as accelerator, steering wheel and brake pedals have all been integrated into it. This is ideal for people using wheelchair to use it. The goal of this concept is to make convenient mobility universal.

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