Trade Resources Company News Winegard Company's Antennas Are Now Available in Home Depot Stores Nationwide

Winegard Company's Antennas Are Now Available in Home Depot Stores Nationwide

 Winegard Company, a manufacturer of antenna reception products, announced today that its FlatWave indoor TV antenna and FreeVision outdoor HDTV antenna are now available in Home Depot stores nationwide. This makes Home Depot the first retail location in America where the FreeVision antenna is available.

"Rapid changes in antenna technology now give consumers access to the highest rated digital programs without monthly programming fees," said Winegard National Sales Manager Grant Whipple. "Home Depot is a perfect retail store for the FlatWave and FreeVision, because most customers are do-it-yourselfers and these digital antennas are easy to install – buyers can have the highest quality free HDTV and channels not available from pay TV providers in minutes."

"The FlatWave is an indoor antenna that can be placed anywhere for the best reception and provide near Blu-ray quality picture," said Whipple. "The FreeVision is an ultra-compact outdoor antenna that can be installed outdoors or in an attic, so homeowners don't have to struggle putting it on a roof."

The FlatWave and FreeVision are designed to outperform traditional antennas and always provide high definition without the hassle. Consumers no longer need to climb on a roof to install an antenna or constantly adjust TV rabbit ears to get reception.

The FlatWave is a razor thin digital TV antenna designed to receive free off-air HD broadcast signals with its dual band technology. The high-tech product can be laid flat or hung on a wall or window, and its black and white design can quickly disappear and fit in with virtually any home decor.

The FreeVision TV antenna is designed for outdoor and attic installations and comes with high-band VHF and UHF digital TV reception for free HD programming. It's easy to install in an attic or outside on a deck or side of a house and can hook up to multiple TVs, so consumers can receive quality picture throughout their home. It is paintable to blend with any surroundings and pulls in free HDTV signals up to 30 miles away.

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Winegard Antennas to Be Sold in Home Depot Stores