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Dyson's Next Trick Could Be a Smart Toothbrush

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After revolutionising everything from vacuum cleaners to hand dryers, the humble toothbrush might be next on Dyson’s hit list.

A new patent filing submitted to the Intellectual Property Office shows Dyson is working on a smart toothbrush that could make flossing a thing of the past.

The filing says the electric toothbrush would use jets of water within the bristles to clean the gaps between your teeth.

Effectively, it would do for your teeth what a power washer does for your patio.

The filing also shows the brush would have a flat iron-like reservoir users could fill with water from the tap, so enable long streams or short bursts.

Capable of 6,000 revolutions per minute, the brush could even deploy a motion detecting camera to ensure it is hitting those crevices between your teeth and blasting out those lingering bits of brisket.

While this all sounds supremely exciting, it’s by no means certain to happen.

A Dyson spokesperson told the Evening Standard (via BT) “So far this year Dyson has filed over 450 different patents. We never comment on technology we may or may not be developing.”

Dyson has slowly moving towards the human body in recent times and earlier this year released a Supersonic hairdryer.

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