Trade Resources Company News Aggrigator Signs E-Commerce Deal with Duncan Family Farms

Aggrigator Signs E-Commerce Deal with Duncan Family Farms

Aggrigator signed Duncan Family Farms to its fresh produce B2B e-commerce marketplace.

The Arizona-based certified-organic producer is among the top three producers of certified-organic salads and fresh produce in the United States.   

"Aggrigator is working to connect the fragmented world of fresh produce supply and demand for businesses with e-commerce. We are excited to sign leaders like Duncan Family Farms to our e-commerce marketplace, creating value for buyers and suppliers alike.

The benefits of quality and scale that Duncan Family Farms provides, leveraged via the e-commerce marketplace will be a win-win for both companies, as we bring our unique demand-supply-fulfillment model to the local ecosystem," said Gerard Rego, Aggrigator's cofounder & CEO.

Aggrigator's B2B e-commerce marketplace for fresh produce is the next step in aggregating demand-supply and fulfillment not just for Duncan Family Farms but also for the whole agriculture industry.

"Duncan Family Farms' roots are to add value by providing produce that is organically grown, with the best processes and quality, enabling us to fulfill our mission of providing healthy food, making a strong contribution to the environment and giving back to the community," said Will Feliz, President of Duncan Family Farms.

"The Aggrigator marketplace technology and business model enable us to access markets and expand our supply chain footprint to keep pace with growth, while reducing friction in the market for everyone."

Aggrigator is a B2B "farm-to-shelf" marketplace:  Our technology provides a platform for the buyers and sellers of fresh produce to access markets across the entire fresh produce transactional pipeline.

Duncan Family Farms is a multi-regional certified organic farm founded in 1985 on the premise of bridging the gap between urban and rural life through agricultural tourism. Today Duncan Family Farms has multi-regional operations located in Central Arizona, the Imperial Valley, on the Central Coast and its inland valleys in California.

The geographic diversity of these organically certified growing locations positions Duncan Family Farms as one of the leading organic growers in the United States.

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