Trade Resources Company News Three Home Textile Firms Joined The COTTON USA Licensing Program to Source US Cotton Yarn

Three Home Textile Firms Joined The COTTON USA Licensing Program to Source US Cotton Yarn

Three home textile companies in China joined the COTTON USA licensing program to source U.S.cotton yarn for blankets,resulting in sales of U.S.cotton fiber worth an estimated$590,000.The COTTON USA licenses for Ibena Shanghai,Luolai Home Textile Co.Ltd.and Hunan Mine Home Technology Co.,Ltd.cover 92,550 U.S.cotton blankets,the equivalent of about 630 bales of cotton.

These blankets will be marketed under their individual brand names and benefit from attractive COTTON USA Mark-labels and sold in thousands of shops throughout China.

CCI Shanghai's partnership promotion with these licensees promotes COTTON USA to their customers and further expands local demand for products made of U.S.cotton.

COTTON USA licensees benefit fully from Cotton Council International's(CCI)wide range of trade services and promotion support.These three companies plugged into CCI's global network of profiled companies for suppliers of U.S.cotton yarn meeting their particular product specifications.The sourcing support that CCI delivered to these partners not only facilitated cotton use along the entire cotton textile and apparel supply chain,but also delivered collaborative consumer promotion campaigns that increased visibility and consumer demand for U.S.cotton products.

CCI's COTTON USA licensing and promotions are part of a comprehensive market development plan that enhances U.S.exports,increases income and expands CCI programs are the result of detailed market assessments,strategic program development and ongoing evaluations.

CCI's COTTON USA consumer promotions are funded in part by the U.S.Department of Agriculture's Market Access Program(MAP).

CCI,a non-profit trade organization headquartered in Washington,D.C.,is subject to matching industry contributions for its U.S.Department of Agriculture MAP and Foreign Market Development(FMD)funding.Consistent with this public-private partnership,the promotion programs are closely monitored by USDA for compliance with U.S.laws and regulations.The cotton industry believes CCI's programs are so effective that they are a catalyst for private sector contributions.The cotton industry contributes$2.02 for every dollar of MAP funds and$1.31 for every dollar of FMD funds.

Independent studies reveal that for every dollar spent by USDA cooperators,including CCI,U.S.exports increase$35,a 35-to-1 return on investment.For the cotton industry this represents over a billion dollars in exports value or an additional 7,000 jobs to the U.S.economy.The U.S.cotton industry represents over$27 billion to the U.S.economy and employs over 190,000 people.

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Chinese Home Textile Firms to Source US Cotton Yarn
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