Trade Resources Company News CREE Launches ZR-Rk LED Troffer Retrofit Kit

CREE Launches ZR-Rk LED Troffer Retrofit Kit


LED chip, lamp and lighting maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has expanded its ZR Series LED troffer family by adding the new ZR-RK Retrofit Kit.

Designed to deliver maximum improvement with minimum effort, the four-part design can be installed in only four minutes, upgrading outdated fluorescent lighting to LEDs. For those lighting applications in which opening the ceiling plenum or removing old troffers is not an option, the ZR-RK Series enables quick, easy installation.

The ZR-RK Series maximizes retrofit application savings with an upgrade to 132 lumens per watt (LPW) performance, and dramatically reduces energy and maintenance costs for savings of up to 70% over T8 fluorescent luminaires. With DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Premium 4.1 eligibility, the ZR-RK Retrofit Kit can also maximize rebates nationwide, lowering upfront costs by as much as 40%.

The ZR-RK Series offers modern optics and a matte finish, with 80 CRI (color rendering index) and balanced illumination in a variety of lumen and color temperature packages. For projects requiring a mix of new fixtures and retrofits, the installed ZR-RK Retrofit Kit looks virtually indistinguishable from a new ZR Series troffer.

Cree says that, with the addition of the ZR-RK Retrofit Kit, the family of Cree ZR Series troffers offers a solution for every application need, including high efficiency, color quality, affordability and upgrade flexibility options.

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