Trade Resources Company News Barry Callebaut's New Choc-a-Like Line Offers New Choc-a-Like Compounds

Barry Callebaut's New Choc-a-Like Line Offers New Choc-a-Like Compounds

Cocoa and chocolate products manufacturer Barry Callebaut has introduced Choc-a-like, an addition to its range of compounds for professional bakers, ice cream manufacturers and chocolatiers.

The new Choc-a-like line offers a variety of flavors of smart compound solutions and extended technical flexibility that allows chocolate professionals to increase workability and minimize production costs.

In addition, it enables food processing professionals to go beyond the technical limits of regular chocolate while retaining an authentic chocolate taste, look and feel.

The new compounds offer the crack and shine of regular chocolate in different textures. Choc-a-like compound coatings also improve chocolate-based ice cream concepts by facilitating ultra-thin dipping without edge cracking, flexible enrobing and fine texture spraying.

Among other areas of application of Choc-a-like products are bakery products like biscuits or pastries.

Choc-a-like compounds are available in different flavors and colors, including caramel and strawberry, depending on the intended end product.

Barry Callebaut Western Europe marketing director Sofie De Lathouwer said, "Choc-a-like compound products give our customers a significant competitive edge thanks to a broad array of technical possibilities and flexibility. This way, Barry Callebaut continues to be a partner in chocolate solutions for food professionals." 


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Barry Callebaut Introduces New Choc-a-Like Compounds