Trade Resources Company News Bpf Has Made The UK Heavily Dependent on Export Markets

Bpf Has Made The UK Heavily Dependent on Export Markets

A UK-based recyclers group BPF (British Plastics Federation) that includes Jayplas, Eco Plastics and CK Polymers has called for splitting the recycling target for plastics, as it has made the UK heavily dependent on export markets for its plastic waste.

The group has demanded the UK government that the Producer Responsibility System be amended to include separate targets for post consumer plastics that are converted into products through unprocessed waste exports and UK reprocessing, respectively.

A roadmap has been proposed whereby a 50:50 target ratio is set for each category of routes by 2013 and a subsequent target of 30% for unprocessed export tonnage and 70% for UK reprocessed tonnage respectively by 2017.

BPF chairman Roger Baynham said they are looking towards a quality-driven waste infrastructure which would be in tandem with the UK's new low-carbon manufacturing revolution, for plastic waste market trends in the future.

"Our proposal purposely does not undermine the competitive principles of the existing system and we are delighted that BPF and in particular its Packaging Group have endorsed this proposal to improve the efficiency of the plastics recycling chain. Critically such a strategy would drive investment and help the UK plastic recycling sector to develop knowledge and technologies which can be exported round the world," added Baynham.



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BPF Recyclers Recommend Modification to Producer Responsibility System