Trade Resources Company News Natpet Launches New PP Thermoforming Grade H03TF

Natpet Launches New PP Thermoforming Grade H03TF

Polypropylene (PP) producer in Saudi Arabia NATPET has launched a new PP thermoforming grade H03TF, which combines clarity and aesthetics with dimensional stability for thermoformed products in shallow as well as deep drawn parts.

With the new grade that is based on Milliken's nucleating innovation Hyperform HPN-600ei, the company will support converters in increasing their productivity and the overall performance of transparent thermoformed cups, trays and containers.

The new grade H03TF, which also displays visual appearance in sheet as well as thermoformed parts, has regrind stability and does not turn yellow even after multiple extrusions.

H03TF also achieves better rim rolling for applications and delivers the environmental and handling-related advantages associated with using lightweight PP compared to other materials.

NATPET assistant manager product application Neaz Ahmed said H03TF gives an opportunity to packaging customers to cut down their cycle times and achieve better products with less wastage.

"It is receiving positive feedback from our customers around the world in Europe, China and Africa, who welcome the good processability and performance of the grade for their thermoformed applications," Ahmed said.

According to the company, Hyperform HPN-600ei generates isotropic shrinkage control, visual appearance and stiffness/impact balance, which enable converters achieve a steady production process and consistent finished articles covering a variety of thicknesses.

Converters can also benefit from enhanced stability and optimum control of ovality with better top load bearing capability.

NATPET claims Hyperform HPN-600ei offers good organoleptics with no contamination risk making the grade ideal for food applications.

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