Trade Resources Company News TerraVia Sees Continued Growth for Protein-Rich Whole Algae

TerraVia Sees Continued Growth for Protein-Rich Whole Algae

TerraVia, a next-generation food, nutrition and specialty ingredients company and pioneer in algae innovation, announces that its AlgaVia Protein-Rich Whole Algae continues to gain traction among leading food manufacturers and pioneering plant-based brands.

AlgaVia Protein-Rich Whole Algae is already being incorporated into numerous products across the grocery store including bakery, snacks, beverages, and bars nationwide, such as in OLLY, Enjoy Life Foods, and K’ul Chocolate products.

AlgaVia Protein-Rich Whole Algae is unique versus traditional plant-based proteins as it is a whole food, not a processed isolate or concentrate like pea, soy or rice, and yet contains approximately 65% vegan protein, with high protein digestibility. It also delivers dietary fiber and beneficial lipids and contains all essential amino acids.

This whole food ingredient is also distinct from typical plant-based proteins because of its natural encapsulation, which helps enable food manufacturers to formulate with higher levels of protein while maintaining a food’s natural texture and consistency. AlgaVia Protein-Rich Whole Algae is non-GMO, gluten-free and free of known allergens.

“We are super excited to be able to incorporate AlgaVia into our new line of protein powders, including our OLLY Nourishing Smoothies that will be available in 1800 Target stores nationwide,” said OLLY CEO and Co-Founder Brad Harrington. “Delivering a more sustainable, better tasting, and highly nutritious ingredient to our customers helps us in many ways, most importantly by delivering on our key promise to our customers, which is to create incredibly helpful and delightful product experiences that inspire them to lean into healthy choices.”

“For us, taste is everything. If we can add protein to a product line and not hurt the taste at all, that’s the Holy Grail,” said Joel Warady, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Enjoy Life Foods, a division of Mondelez. “In addition to being free of known allergens, AlgaVia Protein-Rich Whole Algae meets such great sustainability claims.”

According to Mintel, more Americans are demanding quality sources of plant-based proteins and 33 percent of consumers are planning to buy more vegetarian/plant-based food products in the next year.1 TerraVia is addressing a key market need for new, alternative plant-based proteins that are vegan and free of known allergens as well as providing an innovative solution for sustainable sources of protein.

“After spending over a decade looking for clean, plant-based sources of protein, I was really excited to try TerraVia’s AlgaVia Protein-Rich Whole Algae – non-GMO, free of known allergens and ideal for formulating higher levels of protein without impacting taste and texture,” said Charles Chang, Founder & Former CEO of Vega, a division of White Wave Foods. “And finding new, sustainable sources of protein is especially important given the strain the continued growth in the world’s population will continue to place on the planet.”

TerraVia’s AlgaVia  Protein-Rich Whole Algae is part of the Company’s proven portfolio of algae food ingredients and products (including AlgaVia Lipid-Rich Whole Algae and AlgaWise Algae Oils) that are the result of over a decade of product development focused on unlocking the power of algae, the mother of all plants, and earth’s original superfood.

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