Trade Resources Company News Renesas V2X Solutions to Help Accelerate Arrival of Autonomous Driving

Renesas V2X Solutions to Help Accelerate Arrival of Autonomous Driving

Renesas V2X Solutions to Help Accelerate Arrival of Autonomous Driving

Reneas Electronics has developed a system that offers 360-degree vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and is expected to identify applications related to autonomous driving.

The company announced the global availability of its expansive lineup of V2X solutions that it says will help speed up the arrival of autonomous driving.

The move forms part of the company’s lineup of V2X solutions and includes two System-on-Chips (SoCs).

One of the solutions includes the R-Car W1R 760MHz band wireless SoC for the Japanese market whilst the other features the W2H SoC combined with the R-Car W2R 5.9 GHz band wireless communication SoC developed for the US and European territories.

The SoCs will allow users to easily develop systems which correspond to V2X standards for global markets. The company also supplies starter kits which can help developers to immediately start application software development which can reduce development time for the V2X systems.

The company also provides wireless communication evaluation tools along with the development kit. These tools can support evaluation and testing for system developer’s complex communication characteristics evaluation including prototype testing, mass production testing and testing at original equipment manufacturers’ site.

Renesas plans to mass produce the SoCs and make them readily available by 2019.

In late 2015, Renesas introduced the R-Car W1R confirming to Japanese wireless communications standards and was adopted for V2V and V2I communications system. The company claims that this was the first SoC to be implemented in the V2X wireless market.

These units have been deployed in Toyota’s Crown, Prius and Lexus RX models. The system is capable of giving out traffic violation information, cross traffic and pedestrian warnings at traffic signals by using car and infrastructure, communications to warn drivers about incoming vehicles and to help in cruise control and other functions.

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