Trade Resources Company News Hempco to Open New Hemp Processing Facility in Alberta

Hempco to Open New Hemp Processing Facility in Alberta

Hempco Food and Fiber is set to open new hemp foods processing facility in Nisku, Alberta, near the Edmonton International Airport.

For several months, Hempco has been searching for a new location to expand its hemp seed food processing capacity to meet increased global demands.

Hempco has entered into a Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement with Redco Properties Ltd. for a 56,000 sq. ft. new building location on 4.7 acres.

Hempco® is presently producing about 200,000 lbs of hulled hemp seed per month at its MacGregor, Manitoba, facility and expects the Alberta location hemp seed processing equipment will produce approximately 240,000 lbs/month, with scalable plans for 6X that amount or about 1.3 million lbs/month. Phase 1 install completion target is April 2017.

"We have several hemp food processing locations in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and getting closer proximity to supply from the western prairies, logistically and financially, just makes sense. We are happy to say that Alberta has welcomed us with open arms and opportunity.

“There is now direct to China cargo flights at the Edmonton Airport and a new shipping container distribution center planned for the area," commented Charles Holmes, CEO of Hempco.

Hempco® and the Holmes family are trusted and respected pioneers, innovators and providers of premier hemp seed foods for more than 15 years.

Hempco® is recognized as a "company that cares" and guarantees that its customers, all over North America, Europe and Asia, are provided the finest hemp seed foods possible.

The Hempco mandate has grown to "whole crop utilization" and is investigating hemp fiber and hemp CBD nutraceuticals to create a "tri-crop" opportunity for farmers. Hempco® has grown its business significantly and is generating value and profits for shareholders.

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