Trade Resources Company News Victoria Oil & Gas Plc Announces The Signing of Key Customer Agreements

Victoria Oil & Gas Plc Announces The Signing of Key Customer Agreements

Victoria Oil & Gas Plc, the emerging African energy utility company, today announces the signing of key customer agreements that places Cameroon operating subsidiary, Gaz du Cameroun (“GDC”), in a strong position to expand gas production volumes.

The Company’s operating subsidiary, Gaz du Cameroun is pleased to announce a number of important commercial developments:

Cameroon has an installed power generating capacity of about 1200MW. Of this, 732MW is supplied from hydro-electric plants. Approximately 192MW is supplied into the Douala region from HFO and Light Fuel Oil (“LFO”). A collaboration agreement with AES-Sonel, the sole electric utility in Cameroon has been reached whereby GDC and AES-Sonel will work on a technical and operating plan to progressively replace HFO and LFO power generation stations with gas fired generation. This collaboration on power generation is a first in Cameroon.  It is planned that GDC will initially supply temporary units with gas, with a combined capacity of 45MW. This first stage is expected to be online during Q2 2014 with anticipated gas consumption in the range of 2.6 to 5.9mmscf/d. AES-Sonel is preparing a study of the conversion of the 13MW Logbaba  and the 86MW Dibamba Heavy Fuel Oil power plants to gas.

GDC has also reached an agreement with Dangote, the large cement manufacturing company, to supply thermal gas for its operations. GDC anticipates customer connection to be completed during Q2 2014 and gas consumption to range from 0.4 to 0.5mmscf/d

Year end daily production levels remained in the 2.5 to 3.0mmscf/d range because the SOCAVER plant was not commissioned as expected and some customers had significantly reduced consumption over the holiday period.  In particular our largest customer had an unscheduled plant shutdown but is due back online this month.

Glass manufacturer SOCAVER, part of the SABC group has now secured engineers from Germany to commission the burners installed on its boilers. Expected gas consumption is 0.4mmscf/d.

All six 1.5MW gas fired portable generators (Gensets) have now been cleared through customs and will be installed in customer factories.

Cash Call received from RSM

Following VOG’s RNS on the ICC Arbitration Award announced on 13 December 2013, the Company has received the pending cash call of US$4.1m from RSM. Further cash calls have been submitted to RSM.

Kevin Foo, Chairman said; “Supplying the major domestic electricity utility with gas to drive their oil fired generators will be a big step forward for us. With most electricity coming from hydro-electric sources in Cameroon, consistent power supply during the dry season is an issue. Our engineering team will be working with AES-Sonel to create a practical conversion programme. The clearing of our Gensets through customs now enables us to install them at customer’s plants and further increase gas production.”

Source: Victoria Oil & Gas Plc

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