Trade Resources Company News Cooper Tire Unveils New All-Season Passenger Car Tire for High Performance Vehicles

Cooper Tire Unveils New All-Season Passenger Car Tire for High Performance Vehicles

Cooper Tire has unveiled the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1, an all new all-season passenger car suited tire for high performance vehicles and drivers.

Cooper North America product management director Scott Jamieson said "The RS3-G1 is a marvel of Cooper's greatest cutting-edge technologies,"

"We say this new tire gives high performance a 'gut check' because it redefines what it means to participate in that category at a higher level.

The RS3-G1 ushers in a new era for Cooper in terms of delivering breakthrough product that among other critical benefits, offers incredible grip, holding the road at up to 1g in tight corners with its wide, flat tread arc that creates a stable, square footprint on the road."

Alongside a sleek race-inspired sidewall, the tire's tread compound and design deliver a host of leading innovative features to create grip, stability and durability.

Whether drivers are on dry pavement, wet pavement or even in light snow conditions, the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 is truly an all-season tire with performance worthy of the high performance tire category.

The sleek tread design of the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 isn't just for the high performance look. The tire has been designed with more rubber on the outside shoulder and intermediate rib to grip and provide stability during cornering maneuvers and to reduce tire noise.

The Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 also provides longer-lasting biting edges due to its 3D full-depth sipes, which go deep into the tread elements. The sipes help the tire tread blocks maintain a stable shape during acceleration, braking and cornering.

The full-depth aspect of the sipes means that even when the tire is half-worn, there are still sipes to provide biting edges for consistent performance.

In addition to its performance attributes, the tire also features Cooper's innovative Wear Square, an exclusive visual indicator on the tire that allows drivers to quickly and easily assess the remaining tread life.

Built into the tread design, this innovation features the outline of a square located at three points of reference on the center rib of the tire.

As the tire wears, the Wear Square transitions among five stages, beginning with a full square on new tires and transforming into an exclamation mark when the tread reaches 2/32s of an inch, indicating it is time to replace the tire. The Wear Square can also signal uneven tire wear and possible wheel alignment issues.

Jamieson said: "Cooper understands that tires matter. Tires must deliver grip and stability, and be responsive to changing road conditions. The Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 was built for people who love to drive, whether that means a commute to work every day or exploring new roads on the weekends.

Cooper knows that every mile counts and tires must keep up with drivers once the rubber meets the road. The new RS3-G1 features innovative technology to deliver on the highest expectations of today's most discerning drivers."

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