Trade Resources Company News Xucheng Develops New Xaar 1201 Piezo Printhead-Based Inkjet Printers

Xucheng Develops New Xaar 1201 Piezo Printhead-Based Inkjet Printers

Guangzhou Xucheng Electronic Technology has developed new wide-format inkjet printers based on the new Xaar 1201 thin film piezo printhead.

Xaar said that Xucheng is the first OEM partner to develop, and launch four wide-format, roll-to-roll eco-solvent printers with the Xaar 1201.

Two of these models, the X7-3207 and X7-2007, were demonstrated at ISE in Guangzhau, China recently.

Xucheng General Manager James Zhao said: "Xaar already dominates the coding and marking and ceramic tile inkjet printing markets and I am certain that with the Xaar 1201 we are entering a new era in the graphics industry."

The Xaar 1201 is a versatile and compact greyscale printhead designed to print 1, 2 or 4 colors. It is also capable of handling aqueous and eco-solvent inks.

The 1280 nozzles jetting variable drop sizes feature of Xaar 1201 allows it to produce high quality graphics on a wide range of substrates at an apparent resolution of up to 1440dpi.

Xaar Asia Sales Director Bob Bobertz said: "The wide-format graphics market has been waiting for a flexible, high-resolution printhead which delivers the very best combination of photo quality and productivity, at an affordable cost.

"No other printhead comes close to producing the impressive levels of performance delivered by the new Xaar 1201 and we are not surprised by the response to this printhead from manufacturers around the world.

“Xucheng has moved quickly to take advantage of the new printhead and, in addition to their new eco-solvent printers, the company plans to introduce aqueous models using the Xaar 1201 in the future."

The printhead also allows for easy integration by printer manufacturers.

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