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Charging Electric Cars on The Move Could Soon Become a Reality

Wireless Inc. Asia research & development manager Morino Ebizo has said that his team has completed trials of a new way to transmit power to appliances as they move closer and further from its original source.

The application of a wireless charging unit attached to an electric vehicle was used as it maintained a steady source of power while moving at low speeds.

Existing wireless charging requires the device to be stationary and very close to the charging source. The charging circuit can be tuned according to the distance between the device being charged and the charger.

The research team based their technique on quantum mechanics rules. The system automatically adapts the radio wave frequency as the object moves away from the charging coil. Using the parity-time symmetric circuit, they replaced the radio waves source, which provides the coil with energy by an amplifier put directly into the coil enabling it to produce the waves it needs.

Lewis McCarthy, Head of Investor Relations at Wireless Inc. Asia Limited commented, “The future of the company's range of products is growing rapidly; from the first instance of testing out small electronic devices we have already had the funding and have successfully completed electric wireless charging in automobiles.”

The technique is still in the experimental phase, objects moving in high speed and high-power levels could provide serious challenges to the charging method.

Until the biggest limitations are overcome, there are a lot of low-power appliances that can benefit from the method, like smart phones and small medical devices.

Wireless Inc. (Asia) Limited is a private technology company based in China, providing pioneering technology that provides wireless charging systems that are designed to allow safe charging into multiple devices.

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