Trade Resources Company News DolCas Brings Curcumin to Vegas

DolCas Brings Curcumin to Vegas

DolCas Biotech has showcased its trademark BCM-95 turmeric extract at the Supply Side West trade show in Las Vegas.

DolCas announced that BCM-95 now occupies a leading position in the health food stores, due to an exclusive agreement with EuroPharma.

The company estimates that BCM-95 turmeric extract has a market share of 30% in the US, and it has an exclusive contract with EuroPharma to market BCM-95 at health food stores in the US and Canada.

DolCas Biotech's patented turmeric extract is backed by more than 30 clinical research studies conducted in leading universities and institutes worldwide.

"Terry Naturally Inc.'s CuraMed brand 'Super Absorption Curcumin' with BCM-95 is the No. 1 brand in health food stores, and one of six CuraMed curcumin products in the top 10 sold," notes Terry Lemerond, founder and president of EuroPharma, Inc.

"DolCas knows how to build a trusted brand. Consumers, especially Millennials, want to know where their turmeric extract comes from, and they deserve a pure, trusted brand."

BCM-95 curcumin is manufactured by synergistically combining curcumin and essential oil of turmeric, without synthetic additives. The therapeutic benefits of turmeric can be attained at its best by combining curcumin with ar-turmerone, an active compound derived from essential oil of turmeric.

The turmeric used for BCM-95 eliminates the chance of contamination. BCM-95 does not contain any pesticides and meets the new European 2015/1933 PAH regulation that sets maximum levels of PAHs in food supplements.

"We identified six keys to build a trusted brand in the US market," explains KG Rao, CEO of DolCas Biotech.

"These are: a clear understanding of the ingredient advantages; an ongoing clinical research program; registered intellectual properties and trademarks; full control of the product from farm to shelf; the highest purity and safety; and long-lasting collaboration with customers. We intend to continue to invest in our clinical research program and to protect our brand from imitation products that might not be safe to sell or consume."

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