Trade Resources Company News Hyundai Motor Establishes Project IONIQ Lab for Mobility Innovation

Hyundai Motor Establishes Project IONIQ Lab for Mobility Innovation

Hyundai Motor has established Project IONIQ Lab in South Korea for future mobility innovation through research and development.

Project IONIQ Lab is part of Hyundai’s Project IONIQ, which itself is a long-term research and development project that can predict changes in mobility of the future, which was announced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Project IONIQ Lab will rope in academicians and universities and through the lab, Hyundai Motor will take in ideas and workout innovative technologies and concepts for future mobility which can enrich the daily lives of people.

According to Hyundai, the lab will work on four key areas which include development of solution which will allow freedom to use mobility whenever and wherever, freedom to connect to everyday life while on the move.

The company will also work on solutions which will offer freedom from accidents and inconveniences and freedom from environmental pollution and energy exhaustion.

Hyundai Motor said that the project will help in predicting changes in future mobility and study possible scenarios and develop new types of mobility based on the changes in society and people’s lifestyles and create new service models and mobility experiences.

Seoul National University professor and Korea Future Design & Research Institute head, Dr. Soon Jong Lee will lead Project IONIQ Lab.

He will be supported by 10 researchers and 10 consultant experts. The group has already issued its first collective output, a summary of 12 future ‘megatrends’ that are likely to affect the car industry in 2030.

The megatrends forecasted by Project IONIQ Lab include a ‘hyper-connected society’, ‘eco-ism’, ‘decentralization of power’ and ‘mega-urbanization’. Hyundai Motor executive vice president Wonhong Cho said: “We are happy to announce the opening of the ‘Project IONIQ Lab’, which extends our efforts to understand future mobility and influence the concept of ‘freedom in mobility’.

“Hyundai Motor will advance theoretical and practical understanding, innovating to develop future mobility solutions tailored to our customers’ lifestyles.”

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