Trade Resources Company News Samsung Intends to Merge Led Production Lines Together to "Line 5"

Samsung Intends to Merge Led Production Lines Together to "Line 5"

Recently, Samsung intends to merge LED production lines “Line 3″ and “SR line” together to “Line 5″ which is located in Gyeonggi-do. Line 5 was originally responsible for production of Samsung’s semiconductor products, but the company decides to convert it to LED chip production line, it mainly produces 4-inch and 8-inch products.

Samsung has 150 sets of MOCVD equipments, which is the most MOCVD equipments in South Korea, and the main purpose is to manufacture LED chips. The industry believes that the transfer production line is expected to take more than one year.

It is reported that Samsung intends to develop two kinds of LED chips in Line 5 at the same time, which based on the silicon substrate and the sapphire respectively. Among them, silicon substrate LED chip has been produced by Line 3.

Currently, the LED chip mainly adopts sapphire substrate, if the sapphire substrate can be replaced by silicon, then the cost of LED chip can be reduced greatly, also can accelerate the expansion. Samsung is stepping up research and develop 8-inch silicon wafer-based LED. 



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Samsung Is Accelerating The Development of Silicon Substrate
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