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Delphi to Enhance Self Driving Car with New Tech

Delphi is planning to improve its self driving technology by incorporating vehicle-to-everything (V2E) capabilities into its Audi SQ5 self driving car.

The company introduced the car at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and it is planning to introduce the active safety and automated driving technologies at this year's CES.

Delphi has equipped the car with advanced software and hardware, which will allow the car to communicate with streets, signs, traffic lights, other cars and even pedestrians.

V2E will include vehicle-to-vehicle technology which will allow the Delphi car to detect when an adjacent car abruptly gets into the same lane as the self driving car.

The Vehicle-to-pedestrian technology will use a special chip in a smart phone that will alert the vehicle about the pedestrians who are not paying attention to traffic as they use their phone.

The vehicle will also be able to anticipate the signals, and will alert drivers about managing the situation when the car is caught in strange angles that prevent the driver from seeing opposing traffic.

It also has car sharing capabilities that will notify the driver's friends and family of the driver's location.

Delphi chief technology officer Jeff Owens said: "We imagine a world with zero traffic accidents.

"To get there we will need a convergence of active safety, sensor fusion, connectivity platforms and advanced software.

"Delphi has proven we are the only company that has the right mix of all of these."

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