Trade Resources Company News Molson Coors to Distribute Chinese Beer Snow in UK

Molson Coors to Distribute Chinese Beer Snow in UK

Molson Coors UK and Ireland has entered into a partnership deal with China Resources Snow Beer (CRSB), which gives the brand exclusive rights to distribute Snow beer to the UK market.

As per the agreement, Molson Coors UK will have the exclusive rights in the on- and off-trade to the sales, distribution and customer marketing of the beer brand.

Snow, which is premium 5.0% ABV lager available in a 330ml bottle, is now the first Chinese brand partner of Molson Coors. It will be distributed mainly across the ethnic restaurant sectors in the UK, starting from this month.

The beer brand was introduced in the Chinese market in 1994 at the Shenyang Brewery located in Liaoning, in north eastern China. Since then, Snow has grown into a nationally and internationally known beer brand.

For Molson Coors, the partnership with CRSB bolsters its commitment to provide customers and consumers enhanced choice across the beer segment.

Molson Coors, further says, that Snow’s introduction is expected to add to its increasing strength in the world beers category in the UK.

Molson Coors UK & Ireland managing director Phil Whitehead said: “Consumers’ tastes are continuing to diversify which makes the beer market more exciting than ever. As drinkers become increasingly knowledgeable about beer, they demand greater choice to allow them to explore a range of flavours and styles.

“At Molson Coors, we believe this is a reflection of the general societal shift towards spending on experiences and, in part, the continued food revolution that has been taking place in the UK over the past 10-15 years.”

Snow is also expected to complement the other international beers in Molson Coors’ portfolio such as Cobra, Singha, Staropramen, Blue Moon, Pravha and Grolsch.

The distribution agreement of Snow is confined to the UK and Irish markets. The Snow beer bottles to be imported to the UK will be continued to be brewed in China.

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