Trade Resources Company News InfinityQS Indentifies Critical Tools to Implement Food Standard Regulations

InfinityQS Indentifies Critical Tools to Implement Food Standard Regulations

US-based global software company InfinityQS has identified seven critical tools that can help food production companies to improve their food safety, prevention and traceability practices.

According to the manufacturing enterprise solutions provider, food companies can also increase  productivity and quality across their supply chains by implementing these critical tools.

The seven tools identified by InfinityQS are centralised quality data hub, universal naming conventions, dynamic sampling reminders, real-time statistical process control (SPC), automated alarms, lot genealogy reports and cloud-based food safety management.

An InfinityQS spokesperson said that the latest tools available provide firms an opportunity to develop a fresh mindset when it comes to prevention and traceability regulations pertaining to food safety.

Adding further, the spokesperson said: “Moreover, the availability of new solutions driven by cloud services, provide an opening to extend control of these tools beyond your own four walls and to that of your suppliers. This increases your ability to demonstrate greater best-practice while ultimately making it much easier to meet stringent food safety requirements.”

Centralised quality data hub enables manufacturers in identifying potential issues and focusing on pro-actively solving problems by centralizing product quality and safety data in one place.

Through the universal naming conventions tool and feeding the data in a centralized data hub, manufacturers can generate reports to identify the source of the problematic product in quick time.

Busy operators in complex manufacturing environments can ensure timely quality and safety checks by using dynamic or automated sampling reminders.

Real-time updating of SPC data analytics and control charts can detect potential problems before they can ruin food quality.

Automated alarms can be deployed to notify key personnel in cases of any tests violating specification, warning or control limits without any continuous and detailed monitoring of the production lines.

By using lot genealogy reports, manufacturers can easily track raw material lot codes right through the production activities.

The seventh tool is the cloud-based food safety management which has several benefits to offer for food manufactures besides cutting down the hardware and software maintenance resources.

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