Trade Resources Company News Columbia Lighting Announces The Release of The LLHP

Columbia Lighting Announces The Release of The LLHP

Columbia Lighting announces the release of the LLHP, a premium LED linear high bay fixture. Designed for durability, energy savings, and performance, LLHP is ideal for demanding environments like sports complexes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial farm buildings, and indoor recreational spaces. 

Columbia Lighting IntroducesLLHP Premium LED High Bay

Providing up to 98 lumens per watt at 70 CRI, LLHP outperforms traditional HID lighting by reducing energy use, extending life, and improving light quality. Its 50,000 hour L80 lumen maintenance reduces life cycle maintenance costs, and it offers a 50% energy reduction in input watts compared to traditional HID sources. Its "instant on" capability facilitates the use of occupancy sensors by eliminating the slow restrike time associated with HID.

The LLHP housing is made from anodized, extruded aluminum designed to absorb and deflect impact, as well as acting as a heat sink. This heat sink finish combines with a cool light engine, and aluminum clad LED driver enclosure to add strength and structural integrity, while protecting against heat. Downward sloping fins maximize thermal management and inhibit the accumulation of particles and debris. The power supply is dual encased for maximum protection.

With individual specialized optics for each LED, LLHP is designed to provide precise control of light from the point source to the work plane. Aisle, medium, and wide distribution choices ensure that light is directed where needed, whether that is illuminating aisles, open areas, or stacks. It is available in 4,000K or 5,000K with fixed output or 0-10V dimming.

Various options are available, including: an 11 gauge wire guard, an infrared occupancy sensor, and an integrated wiHUBB control system that allows users to wirelessly group, zone, and dim as part of a larger peer-to-peer mesh network system.

LLHP Features:

• Long-life, 50,000 hours at L80 lumen maintenance

• Efficacy as high as 98 lumens per watt at 70 CRI

• Nominal 13,000 lumens at 143 watts, nominal 25,000 lumens at 282 watts—up to a 50% energy reduction in input watts compared to traditional HID sources

• Individual LED optics for precise control of light distribution: Aisle, Medium, or Wide distribution patterns

• 4,000 or 5,000K color temperatures

• Extruded aluminum housing acts as heat sink; downward sloping fins minimize debris buildup

• Fixed output or 0-10V dimming

• Quick and easy suspension mounting with aircraft cabling

• Modular light engine for future upgrade or replacement

• Excellent thermal management

• CSA listed and suitable for damp locations

• Meets the most restrictive lighting power density codes and typically qualifies for EPAct tax deductions

• Available with exclusive wiHUBB technology preinstalled

For additional information on Columbia Lighting and the LLHP, visit

About Columbia Lighting:

Columbia Lighting products are marketed through electrical distributors to the electrical contractor and are installed in a variety of buildings such as schools, hospitals, office buildings, and libraries. Columbia Lighting maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing operations in Bristol, PA, and Juarez, MX. These facilities produce lighting fixtures destined for job sites or inventory in strategically located distribution centers and regional warehouses throughout North America. A long tradition of excellence and value has made Columbia Lighting one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers, exemplifying quality, performance, and value.

For more information about Columbia Lighting, visit Columbia Lighting is a division of Hubbell Lighting, 701 Millennium Boulevard, Greenville, SC. Phone: 864-678-1000

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About Hubbell Lighting:

From its inception in 1963, Hubbell Lighting established its position in the lighting industry by producing outdoor lighting of the highest quality. Through an in-depth knowledge of the electrical distributor and contractor markets, Hubbell Lighting has been consistently able to combine innovative technology with practical lighting brand solutions and service oriented performance. Hubbell Lighting provides a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products for commercial, industrial, institutional, sports lighting, landscape and residential markets, including green initiatives for vacancy sensors and daylight harvesting controls.

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Columbia Lighting IntroducesLLHP Premium LED High Bay
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