Trade Resources Culture & Life Lowry Bridge in Manchester,UK Was Recently Equipped with New Energy Efficient

Lowry Bridge in Manchester,UK Was Recently Equipped with New Energy Efficient

UK-Known as the Millennium Bridge,Salford Quay's Lowry Bridge in Manchester,UK was recently equipped with new energy efficient and dynamic lighting and LumenRadio's CRMX wireless lighting controls played a key role.

Lumenradio Lights Lowry Bridge

The 95m long span was built in year 2000 as a pedestrian bridge across the Manchester Ship Canal and it's 18m vertical lift allows large watercrafts and ships to pass underneath.The structure features a stunning,swooping architectural design,now with lighting to match,and serves as the backdrop for the BBC North West Tonight television news programme.

LITE ltd,Philips Colorkinetics distributor in the UK,designed and installed a powerful RGB LED system of ColorReach and ColorBlast fixtures to illuminate the very photogenic bridge with saturated color washes.The whole project is controlled by an extensive CRMX Nova DMX/RDM system that eliminated the need for any control cabling.

"Cabling and communication on bridges is always a difficult matter.It became clear early in the process that working with cables would be impossible on this project due to the 18m lift",says Nick Graham Director at LITE LTD,"Based on previous experience with LumenRadio's technology in similar installations we decided that the CRMX wireless DMX/RDM system would provide the ideal solution."

"Reliability and consistent performance is an absolute requirement in a high profile-high visibility project like this",explains Steve Hainsworth managing director at LITE ltd.,"The CRMX technology has a proven long-term track-record in this kind of an environment and as a bonus also eliminated the need for opto-splitters etc.Everything works perfectly-you can see for yourself on BBC every night!I can honestly say that this project would not have been possible without the wireless CRMX technology from LumenRadio."

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Lumenradio Lights Lowry Bridge
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