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Nique Musical Instruments Developed in Ningxia

Ningxia is located on the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River in western China. It is known for its lush fields and also for being beyond the Great Wall. The local culture of Ningxia developed through the assimilation of the cultures of the central plain and western regions. There have been many unique musical instruments developed in Ningxia. In the last century it was found that the wawu, mimi and kouxian, all Ningxia instruments, had evolved from the qiangdi (a kind of flute) and the huang (a kind of reed instrument).

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The Hui people of Ningxia have unique skills they employ in crafting these instruments and using them in performances. Hui instruments are usually made in the shape of an ox or sheep, and are decorated with Hui-style patterns. Some of the musical instruments also have Arabic characters can also be found on some of the instruments. The instruments are easy to play and to carry.

Because of their beautiful sounds, Hui musical instruments were popular among Hui people of all ages. However, in recent years, the tradition of playing these musical instruments has gradually been left behind. Some Hui youths don't even know about the wawu. Many performers have passed away, making the situation worse. It is now necessary to protect the Hui musical instruments, as well as the cultural connotations they represent.

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