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Two Kinds of Property Owners Have Different Attitude Towards The Design Side of Things

There are two kinds of property owners in the UK:there are those who love their homes,who lavish attention upon them,who ensure every nook is exquisitely highlighted and every mirror polished to a high shine,and then there are landlords.And landlords aren't so good at the interior design side of things.

However,if you're in the business of property management,you might benefit from the advice of Malcolm Harrison.Malcolm's work with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme makes him an expert in all things landlordly,and he knows a thing or two about making your home more attractive to prospective renters-thus driving up the monthly prices you can charge for those staying in your property-as well as how to thump a washing machine just-so so that it starts working again.

"Every three to five years a landlord might want to redecorate,"he says."They should take that decision on the circumstances and on the market too-there is no point in putting an untidy property on the market because obviously it won't let as fast as the other ones."

And the expert adds that the natural break between tenants is the perfect time to add a lick of paint to a property.

"Talk it through with an agent,if you are using one.Just ask if this is in a good enough condition or does it need a makeover,"says Malcolm.

"People have different ideas and it does depend on the level of the market that you are aiming at.If you are talking about the sky high rental market in central London,then it has got to be really spick and span."

Three to five-yearly redecorations needn't be large-scale affairs-often,a neutral coat of paint on the walls to replace any scuffings that naturally occur when tenants inhabit a home and a fresh carpet or curtains will bring a home up-to-date.

But if you're between tenants and looking to make your property more attractive for the next generation of renters,now is a great time to fit eco-light fittings.Energy-saving options such as LED bathroom ceiling spotlights are a cost-cutting measure for prospective tenants,and,with long-lasting LED light bulbs being fitted,won't need replacing again for up to 25 years.

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