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The Shaman Dance Is a Kind of Dance Performed by Shamanistic Sorcerers

Shaman Dance

The Shaman Dance is a kind of dance performed by Shamanistic sorcerers during sacrificial rituals and activities for driving out evil and disease etc. Shamanism is a primitive religion practiced among ethnic minorities of the Altaic language family, such as the Mongolian, Manchurian, Oroqen, Ewenki and Daur ethnic groups.

In Shamanism, all things have souls, and ancestors and nature are worshipped. The main religious activity is the sorcerer's dance. During a sacrificial ritual, the sorcerer performs a "dance" to entertain all gods and to invoke blessings for all.

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In the dance, the sorcerer is supposed to wear the robe, skirt and cap especially designed for the occasion. He also carries a special sheepskin drum and wears eagle claws and bear paws believed to drive away ghosts and vanquish demons. He also wears a "waist tally" on his belt. 

The mysterious Shaman dance is performed to the accompaniment of prayers, spells, chants and drumbeats. The highlight of the dance is when the sorcerer is under possession of a god. At that time, the dancer is fast moving to the rapid drumbeats. In some cases, the performer keeps imitating all gods. When he's under possession by a human god, the performer takes on a particular person's expressions and movements; when he's under possession by an animal god, he does various movements of the bear, the tiger, the deer etc.

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The Shaman Dance featuring the beautiful singing voice of the sorcerer and his humorous and lively dance is an indispensable part in all Shamanistic rituals. The Shaman Dance may be superstitious in some way, but it had a great impact on the formation and development of folk dances of all minorities.

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Shaman Dance