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"Impossible" Folding Electric Vehicles

Recently, Kickstarter launched a foldable electric bicycle called Impossible, to give priority to with the circle design, receive wheel as box function of car seat, at the same time, the car seat stent and handle can be folded in half, fold after Impossible instant thin body, height is only 43cm, height is approximately equal to three kidney six, all less than 5kg.

Equipped with ten 2900mah batteries, a charge can press 20 to 25km/h speed the course of more than 45 minutes, although the speed will be lost to some super burly bicycle, but lazy people love legs, Impossible or attractive. However, if you're super lazy also belongs to the obese group, this vehicles is not fit for you. Because it can withstand maximum weight of 85kg on driving.

"Impossible" Folding Electric Vehicles

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