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Overseas Shops Prepare for Chinese New Year Holiday

Retailers in neighboring Japan and South Korea are gearing up for huge numbers of Chinese tourists set to arrive for the upcoming Spring Festival national holiday.

At a shopping center in Tokyo, not knowing any single word of Japansese won't stop Chinese shoppers from getting their hands on Japanese products. A bilingual tablet is now being used to bridge the language gap between buyers and sales representatives.

Some shopping center has even added a new line of suits to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. The suit design in Japan is usually very slim, suits of this new line for Chinese consumers on the other hand, have a wider shoulder and waist design.

Retailers in neighboring South Korea are also gearing up for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday.

An estimated 126 thousand Chinese tourists are expected to visit the country during the week long national holiday.

Promotions such as coupons and sales on popular products with lucky characters for Chinese customers are already on retailers' agenda. "We've prepared gifts for Chinese tourists. Supplying their favorite items would also be guaranteed."

The traditional festival seems to become a new harvest season for both Chinese shoppers and overseas retailers.

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