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Introducing One Innovative Floor

Nature-Inspired Alterna Tile

I professed my love for stone tile many years ago,deciding my home and life would not be complete without the raw,pure beauty of 1000-year-old stone under my feet every day.All of this was true until I laid eyes on Alterna premium tile.I couldn't believe it wasn't real stone.I examined every inch of the Alterna tile sample,still doubting what was in front of me.But the texture,depth,color variation,warmth and comfort sold me.It was just like my beloved stone tile,offering natural beautiful characteristics,but at a lower cost,with easier installation and lower maintenance than natural stone tile.Oh,and did I mention the coordinating grout colors?This is one innovative floor!

Stone-Like Visuals

Nature-Inspired Alterna Tile_1

Alterna Tuscan Path resembles travertine stone.This stone is used as paving blocks at St.Peter's Square in Vatican City.Tuscan Path will bring a classic,Old World look to your space.

Nature-Inspired Alterna Tile_2

Alterna La Plata gives the appearance of limestone.You will often see limestone used in early 20th century banks and train stations.Also,the Empire State Building is faced in Indiana limestone.La Plata offers a subtle,easy-on-the-eyes visual.

Nature-Inspired Alterna Tile_3

The newest addition to our striking Alterna collection is Carrera Marble.The beautiful white marble with intricate grey/taupe veining was famously used by Michelangelo to sculpt the Statue of David.The nobility and timeless allure of Carrera Marble will add sophisticated refinement to your home.

Design Options

Alterna is available in large format 16"x 16"tiles,and this month,12"x 12"tiles are being introduced to our 25 top-selling tiles.The option of two sizes allows for endless design options.

With over 50 color options to choose from,Alterna combines nature-inspired stone designs and enduring quality.Head out to your local Armstrong flooring retailer to view all the Alterna possibilities for your new home or remodeling project!

Jamie Gieniec is a Commercial Flooring Technical Representative who has been working in the floor covering industry for over 7 years,specializing in design,sales and technical services.She enjoys gardening,cooking and shopping for Alterna flooring for her new home!

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Nature-Inspired Alterna Tile
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