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DIY Ideas to Make Your House Beautiful

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Your abode!

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. -LEO TOLSTOY

You come to home after a long and exhausting day with an aspiration of soothing and relaxing feel. Right? But it’s crazy how expensive it can be to decorate your home. With DIY decor and some simple, classy and artsy tips below, skip the overpriced decor and craft your personal artifacts to give your home a more personal feel. Plus, imagine how great it'll feel when guests ask where your hand made pieces are from and you raise your eyebrow and replies “Self-made”.
DIY not only ensures things that suit your taste and mood but also are affordable. Instead of buying some expensive things, this summer let’s be creative and design some art which can amuse our entire family and friends. Anything that you think is a waste and dump in the dustbins, give it one more shot. Those things can turn-out in such a manner that you only will be shocked. Anything and everything can be used to create wonderful DIY for your home. There’s always room for creative minds.

Here are some suggestions for DIY home decor:

1. Creative Stick Lamp –In this extreme weather conditions we know our kids will be getting tempted with ice creams. So rather than just wasting those ice-cream sticks let’s do something creative which will increase the beauty of our place. Stick these ice-cream sticks in such alignment that it looks like a lamp and with another set of sticks create and mat. Fix both with each other and place a wire from inside with a bulb holder so that it turns to be a lamp. Fix it wherever you want and praise your creativity.

2. Corner Decoration- These days everyone majorly focuses on the type of furniture, lightings, wardrobes, etc. We have something interesting for you, small stand for the corners. With just the use of sticks, pieces of cardboard you can turn your house corners into miraculous creation. Fix the sticks in a 3D triangle shape as a canopy and on the small end side, stick a triangle-shaped cardboard so that it can hold things. Easy to create and long-lasting.

3. Reusable Candle-How many of us thought, they would reuse the candle already been lit? I guess everyone. Funny fact but true. Melt the wax of an already used candle, mix some fragrance or scent of your choice, put in round plastic shape. Fragrance and soothing mode have always been there in the news, As you see deodorant ads, after wash liquids, etc which gives a certain finishing to your work. Lighten-up your house and impulse your guest to ask you that from where you have bought this?

4. Balloon Lamp- Some people say that only kids can play with a balloon. Here is an artistic creation is done with just use of few balloons, some threads, glue and few bulbs to lighten your home. Blow-up a balloon.

5. Hanger Stand- I am very sure many of the families will be having waste hangers and an old plastic bowl. Instead of throwing them in dustbins, let’s create something. Take four hanger, remove their hooks on the top, stick them together from head side in for different directions and take a small thin stick which can play as a base to the bowl on the top, take a old bowl, paint it white and place that on the top and place your beautiful things on the top of that stand. Place that in such a location that whenever you see that you feel great about your house.

6. Old Briefcase Holder- We all have seen our grandparents with old briefcases. When we were small we use to think that our granny would have hidden some treasure. We all miss those days, let’s recall those moments and give it a new touch. Place cardboard horizontally exactly between the center of the briefcase which will give you two partition of the briefcase. Drill two chains on both the corners so that it holds each other. Then drill the upper part of the briefcase to the top of your wall in the kitchen and enjoy keeping small things in the case.

So, these are some of the DIY tips that could really embellish your home. Trust us! These are very easy, self work, flexible to changes, inexpensive and they’re a part of you. Like we said they’re from you, for you.

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