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Scroll & Graffiti Tables and Chairs

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Since childhood we are taught to draw should be sitting on a chair, put paper flat on the table. However, is it possible the table itself is paper? Or the children can be arbitrary graffiti on the table or floor? This is by three young Kobe designers combine the focus and design concept.

This table wrapped around a circle of paper, looks like a toilet paper, with the rolling of the table, paper can expand constantly, children need to do is to pick up the brush any graffiti, no sitting on the basis of their own, or whether the paper put the flat. Simple design, there may be a more scientific creation concept of support - to focus more on the painting itself, may be able to bring more artistic inspiration.

Because the edges are circular arc form, children are safe to use. For mommy, it is still a locker.

Scroll & Graffiti Tables and Chairs

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Written by Dora Men

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